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NBE-1 IN-LINE FILTER: The NBE-1 was developed to give the operator more AIR FLOW, MORE DEBRIS HOLDING CAPACITY. A real filter for real Truckmounts.

 Fast filter changes when using the white liners.

95% or better debris filtration keeping it out of your waste tank.

HD filter element combined with our white liners give you filtration media options

BEST lid clips in the industry GUARANTEED very secure and very durable.

Choice of Hose configurations that allow you to customize the filter to your set up.

Removable back filter plates to allow a change in hone configuration latter if you choose.

Perfect seal is all done by gaskets NO silicone or goop meaning it will be leak resistant for years of operation.

CENTER LOCATED PORTS helps direct airflow and helps keep dirty waste water in the filter while stored in van between jobs. { HELPS TO PREVENT RUST ON VAN FLOORS AND TRUCKMOUNT BOTTOMS  }

NBE-1 IN-LINE Carpet Filter

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