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Devastator Wand?

~Marty Sutley ~ Mikey's Board  Best wand on the market. Awesome air flow and fully adjustable to eliminate overspray and glide dribble.

~Mikey P said: ~Doyle

In case you've been hiding under a bridge, Tom has recently released the very best wand this industry has ever seen.
I'll tag a few owners to so they can tell you all about his wand

D.Luke ~

For real, though, it is the best wand ever produced. Head and shoulders above the rest. 
Major manufacturers get it slightly wrong over, and over, and over, and over, and over............

~Jim Martin~ you are not going to find a better wand out there then Toms ...I have had it since September and every day I am still amazed at what I see it do...
the performance...the recovery..the quality....is amazing..
The bar has been raised and as far as I am concerned...no one will ever come close to what Tom has accomplished...you just not going to get a wand any closer to perfect then he has...
I have mentioned before that he need to get us a stair tool going..if he can dial in a stair tool as perfect as the has this wand...cleaning stairs can finally move to a whole different level......
I am not going to waste my time looking at other stair wands...I will patiently wait for Toms..

~Jim Martin~  In a lot of situations..this is 100 % true..but I can honestly say that no matter how hard they try..no one is going to even come close to what Tom has created..and if he was to put the same thought into a stair tool..then it will also rise above everything out there..some think they can..and a few think they have..but for the ones who truly understand it ..no one can compare to what he has achived...

 ~Steve Dobson~ I sent Tom an email this week telling him how awesome his wand was. I have the prochem ti and Joe's Ti wand from Westpac, with which I like. But they are ofno compare. Toms wand Will be a hard one to ever replace in my hands. It is ingenuous. The quality is off the charts, the ability to adjust the Jets with the turn of the screw in just seconds. Everything about it is perfect. I got mine the week after I used it in Nashville. I fell in love immediately. I have used it every day for five months now. 

These have been collected from around the web, some intertwined through the same conversations. They may not be in order but you should get the point of what is being said regarding the

Devastator wand

~  its holding up great...not a single problem with it...My kid is back to helping me out for a little while and just about every day he makes a compliment on how well it works and what a huge difference it makes......

 ~I have 5 of the cheaper models. They get the job done, but it's not like they are on the same playing field as the $1800 model

~ That's what we're trying to tell everyone it really SUCKS ^^^^

~  I purchased one at the same time Jim Martin did. Both he and I scoped out that wand all three days of the convention. We put it through all sorts of tests and compared them to the wands like the TI wand and Dangs Wand. It absolutely smoked them. I've been cleaning with a TI wand for years. I change out the jets at least once a year with a 9 flow and use a 570ss. Maybe my wand was just old and tired (like me) because the results are stellar. Like Jim said, Tom absolutely nailed it. I'm not going to say it's fun cleaning again, but it makes it so much easier and efficient. Its like going from a portable to a truck mount. You can clean with both but great results are easier to achieve with the right tools. I'll make some videos for Marty....

~  I never thought I would ever see a wand increase the performance of my machine...until you get one in your hands and see what it can do...you will never understand it...it's amazing...

~ I just knocked out 5 good size jobs today with this wand...my little old blueline thermalwave felt like it was twice the machine it ever was...the way the air moves thought out the chamber and the way it just lifts the fibers and the crap out of the carpet is amazing..Tom Meyer said it the best..its like going form a portable to a truckmount...but all you changed was the wand...it just opened everything up..I have never seen a GLIDED wand remove so much dirt and leave the carpets as dry as it does..

5 days..21 jobs..and I could probably go on and on about what it can do...but until you actually hook one up and use it...and see it with your own eyes...no one would probably believe that a wand could do what this one does..I didn't...so I went and found out for my self...but if and when you do....the only disappointment you will have is that you did not have it a long time ago....

~ Having met your beautiful wife and you twice now, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is going to explode for you. 
Two amazing people who are such a great team, creating 2 amazing tools that no cleaner should be without, built with knowledge, integrity and pride. 
You have inspired many people, myself included. Thank you!
And thank you for working tirelessly to put it all together for the greater good of this industry I love so much but also for stepping up to be the man who provides for his family no matter what the cost or risk. You truly are a rockstar and Missy just as much so. 
What a team! The tools and the creators!  

When I saw his wand and used it in Nashville, it was such a relief because it was moving so smoothly and wasn't pivoting out of control like all the other pivot wands were. And unlike my Mach wand (which I love) that really connects to the carpet and sometimes fights me, it was very smooth, yet extracting so much water on the wet and dry pass, it was hard to believe because it was so much easier to push than my mach.

So for anyone saying this is too much $ to pay for a wand, like the thread on the forums, just keep wasting your money on buying your custom colored vacuum hose, or your temp. gauge to put on your wand, or anything other pretty, waste of money that won't make your job easier.

~ I have used the dang wand and Ithaca good sick and good recovery.

If everyone actually remembers way back before glides...and we were all wand cleaning ..the filters were always getting full...then glides came along and it broke the surface tension and allowed the air to move more freely..but...it did not dig out all the crap down in the carpet.....carpets looked great...but all that stuff was is in there...and the further you stretched your hoses...the more you left in there....I have never seen a wand dig out as much as Tom's wand...with a glide...

~ I try not to hype things up to much..and anymore..I stay as neutral as possible..but in this case..credit where credit is due and Tom knocked this one out of the park...once you get your hands on this wand and get it out there in the field and put it to work...I promise you...you will be amazed at what a glided wand can do....I would of never believed it if I did not see it for my self..

~ tomorrow will be 2 weeks with this wand and I still have not pulled a rotary off the truck......

Here are a few pics we have received to share.
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