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 We tried to address the as many areas as possible in the creation of the Devastator Hard Surface Wand.  We have been testing this wand for the last year out in the field.     Unfortunatly our carpet cleaning business isn't as busy as we used to be, due to the tools taking more of a demand to stay on top of.

 So we have several we sent out to get some outside input to see that we checked as many of the boxes as possible. 

  This WILL be the most comfortable hard surface tool out on the market today, and hopefully continue the add to the good reputation that our filters and carpet cleaning wands have come to gain in this industry.

  This WILL NOT BE produced in high volumes, it is being produced in house to keep the quality as high as possible and the cost as reasonable as possible.

 Due to the amount carpet being removed, and more textured hard surfaces being installed in homes today, we thought this would be a good time to invest in RnD on the Devastator Hard Surface wand, to help cleaners be able to provide excellent cleaning results on most of these new surfaces. 


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