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HOLE GLIDE:  Easiest glide for the operator, HOLE glides provide the operator with the easiest sliding wand to carpet interface.

 Can be used on all carpets, elemnates wand chatter on most commercial glue down carpets. 

Carpets most be prepped properly with a good pre-vacuuming, if crb is used after pre- vac, off-cuffing the wand hose is a must to pick up debris. this goes for all HOLE SIZE choices.

SLOT GLIDE:  The most popular glide choice, provides much easier wand movment {copaired to a non-glided wand}.

 Can be used on all carpet types but will chatter on commercial glue down carpets.

 Best glide choice for prodution carpet cleaning companies, when pre-vacuuming is not always done.

 Great performance with blowers in the # 4 range.Much less off-cuffing wand hose to pick up crb debris.

HYBRID GLIDE: Can be used on all carpet types.

 Provides easier wand movement compaired to slot glide, but not as easy as a hole glide.

Pre-vacuuming is still needed but can pick up some larger debris left over from crb process.

  Much less wand chatter on commercial glue down carpets. 

 Falls in the middle of the HOLE and SLOT, doesn't out perform either glide, but is a happy medium for some.


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