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12" 1.5 and 14" 2.0  Devastator Replacement Manifolds 

Stainless Steel Manifolds are more durable because they are Stainless Steel, these manifolds have been used since 2015. They are the PMF rigid Manifolds. They take our VEE Jets with the mini check valves and filters.

New for 2022 are the COLORED MANIFOLDS, they are made out of aluminum and have been HARD ANIDIZED to make them more durable. We redesigned them to accept 1/2" check valves. The 1/2 check valves seem to hold up better due to a stronger and longer spring, but they DO NOT HAVE A FILTER inside them.

 If you want less drips than the colored manifolds and 1/2" check valves ae the way to go.

12" and 14" Devastator Manifolds

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