Set of 4 check valves 


The check valves are NOT a Devastatator product and we do NOT warranty them. 

We do believe that a Devastator product should not be leaking or having springs break, however we are in a position that does not allow for us to be in controll of this particular part.

We have considered not sending the wand out without them however, at least for now we do send the wand out with check valves for those who do try and deal with the inconsistancy of them working and or spring breaking etc.

Since not everyone wants or uses them and there are many factors that can contribute to the springs breaking such as PSI usage or just being faulty, we have chosen to keep them available, for those that use them but cannot warranty them. 

We made this decision based on the fact tht they are not a necessity part for the wand and it is possible to get them elsewhere. 

Set of 4 Check Valves

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