Black heavy duty bag, comes with the stainless steel ring already run through it.
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*If you are purchasing a bag for an older large devastator filter please read the info section Re: Large filter bag for instructions.

Heavy Duty Bag w/ stainless ring

  • The heavy duty black bag is sewn specifically for directing airflow as the filter fills up with debris.  IF YOU START TO NOTICE YOU ARE LOOSING SUCTION/AIRFLOW IT IS TIME TO CHANGE YOUR BAG. YES IT LASTS MUCH MUCH LONGER, BUT NOT FOREVER ;)

    This bag is fitted specifically for filtering what goes through the bag and also for keeps debris from going around the bag and through the filter. It is the finest filtration system available in an inline. If you live in an area that has very fine silt or sand, or you are cleaning areas that are very greasy you can remove the white liner and run the filter with just this heavy duty bag. The sand, silt, and grease can coat the white liners due to the material they are made of and will block the airflow almost entirely from going through your filter. This will pop your bag. The heavy duty black bag is sill a very fine filtration system, it will still filter very well. The material of this bag is different than that of the white liner so it does not get coated from these things in the same way

    Because this question is always asked-

    No a stainless steel basket will not be made for our filter, it was tried when we started. It is not better, not stronger, and it filters far less. The filtration being the main reason, they also get banged around alot when trying to get the debris all cleaned off of them on curbs, againt legs etc. this causes the end to loosen from sides and break apart. 

    We have bags that have been out for 7 years that are still out and in use daily that are working just fine.

    If you remember to empty it when you notice suction loss your bag will be good for a long time. :)  

  • If you have just purchased a replacement bag for the older large Devastators 10" diameter ~please send us a pic of what you have and a pic from the top of the filter looking down into it. There were a few different ways the bags were made to sit into the filters over the years and we need to know what you have to send the correct replacement. We will need to make the bag and whatever ring method was used for your filter and possibly order different materials to do so, this may take a little longer to get out to you.

    Please send the pics by text to 530-567-5867 or E mail to


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