Ryan is our oldest son, He and Tom started the carpet cleaning company together one day while they were out trading in our construction work trucks for a truck and a trailer to start the carpet cleaning business. This was some great father and son time although it was a little rough when they came home and informed the rest of us of their plan ;)

Ryan has always helped with making the filter and manages one of our websites. He has hopes of taking over outside sales when we get to that point. He recently took a job and moved to Spokane where he still manages his website and sales from there.




JUSTYN the one who named the Devastator filter when he 5, RYAN his unruly puppy Riley hence the hand to throat hold-shes better now :) and DALLAS.

When we started this journey 2008 had just handed our butts to us owning a company in the construction industry in an area we had just moved to. It didn't take long for us to realize that by losing it all, we gained it all. We didn't realize how far apart our lives were until we had to bring them back together to make ends meet. Starting our carpet cleaning company (which started with a family meeting deciding what to call it) was the beginning of two journeys that we have lived out together side by side ever since. One as a family business that turned into two, the other as home base where the heart of everything we do as a family and individually grows from. We could not be more grateful for what we gained by losing it all.

Someone once told Tom

"you know what the problem is solve it." 

He dove in head first while we threw in ideas and cheered him on.Two weeks later he made the first Devastator Filter!

And so it began... the beginning of the Devastator Clan

As the carpet cleaning business grew and was turning into business  number two, each of us invested  willfully and happily our time, physical and mental efforts, emotions from all over the spectrum,  money including allowances, general living luxuries

-what is cable/satellite? -Yes, Top Ramen again sounds great!

All to be a part of and support dad's efforts to make the job of cleaning carpets a little easier and more efficient for all the cleaners out there.


AKA- Tom's wife, Mom, Justyn's Teacher (homeschool),The Secretary / job scheduler, bookkeeper, web designer, (I know I'm still learning ) Facebook voice, and my personal favorite ~Tom's verbal voice calendar ~ keeping him going where and when he should be as all those things he is trying to figure out sidetrack him easily.

And... we are just going to drop off all domestic responsibilities right here. ;)


Devastator Tom

Dallas as you can see we don't have a picture of her actually working on our products. This picture is from highschool where she was the captain of her golf team. Dallas is a great leader with a heart for helping people wherever she can. Whenever we have needed any kind of help in the office, shipping, keeping things going while we go to the shows she is always ready to step up and do her part. She currently works for CHP- California Highway Patrol and continues to help whomever she can. Dallas is 22 now buying her first house on her own. She is very responsible young lady, and we all fully support her in her goals outside of the family businesses as well.

Justyn is our youngest son; He named the Devastator filter when he was 5 after the Transformer that looked like a big mouthed very toothy metal worm that sucked up everything in its path. Justyn is 14 now and a Sophmore in high school this year. He has been learning the ins and outs of what mom does every day (because he was home -homeschooled last year) as well as working in the shop with dad. Being the last child at home, he tries to be pretty involved in all that we do which we love. We do try to shield him from some of the harsh and hateful things that some cleaners have to say. We try to teach him how to respond respectfully and with integrity for himself and our family as he grows into working with us more.

AKA -Tom Conway, Dad, The man with the magic finger that can fix anything.

Tom cleans carpets every day and assembles tools in the evenings and most weekends. When he isn't doing one of these two things, he is figuring out how to solve the next problem with the next tool he's working on. This is where he loses all track of time or space, you should see our living room, kitchen, and laundry room they are legitimate work spaces :)

We are very fortunate to have such a wonderful, good-hearted and talented man leading our family he works hard and never gives up!He has been an amazing example to all of us especially our sons of how to live honestly, with integrity and respect for others, while also knowing their value and worth and to never let others take that from you. To give 100% to everything we do, be the best we can and produce the best products we possibly can!